Friday, October 4, 2013

Using Social Media for Yesterday's Throwback Thursday

What is "throwback thursday" you ask....well it is a hashtag link to photo's or posts on social media sites used to talk about things or people from yesteryear.  Let me explain that a little bit more.

Social Media is a wonderful, beautiful thing if used properly.  One way that social media is used for the good, is in bringing families together while they reminisce over the "old days".  If you have signed up for Facebook, then I am sure you have come across the countless pages that are genealogy related.  But have you found any pertaining to your hometown, if not go look.  For example, there is a group called "You know your from Gabbs when..." it is for all who have a connection to Gabbs, NV (my hometown).  You can post your photo's that pertain to Gabbs, or add a post with information on past and current events or people. It is a great way for all to share their memories about a wonderful place. 

Someone posted a photo of my Dad standing with some of the other member in the community, that I had never seen before.  You never know, you might see a photo of you parents or grandparents when they were younger and if you don't have very many photo's that might be an awesome find.  I was also recently contacted by someone that used to live next door to my Grandparents and she said she used to watch their dog for them.  The things you might learn are endless.

Instagram is a new form of social media.  It is a picture editing app, that most can find on on their smartphones.  You can connect with your friends and share your photo's once you have edited them.  You can also share your edited photo's on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and a couple other sites. 

One thing I love about Instagram is that it first let me connect to my nephew as he was teaching his ol' aunt how to use it.  And second it introduced me to the world of hashtags.  Which is pretty cool but if you like keeping your photo's private then best not to use a hashtag.  I don't hashtag any photo's that have my children in them for privacy issues. Hashtags are when you want to link your post with a certain word or words, i.e. throwbackthursday.  You add the # symbol and then the word/s.  So when tagging a photo for throwback thursday in the description part of the photo I would just add #throwbackthursday, with no spaces.  Then once  you publish the photo you can click on the hashtag and follow it others that have posted photo's using the same hashtag.  You can also use hashtags to link a status update or twitter post. 

I use two specific hashtags on a regular basis, one is #throwbackthursday and #flashbackfriday.  I did a photo for each of these a few weeks ago, and my family loved it! I didn't realize how much till the next Thursday when my little sister text me to see if I was going to post pictures again. Ummm...yeah wow! She will listen to me when I want to talk about family history but sometimes I can see her eyes glaze over...common enough.  But I was so happy when she wanted more.  And then she started adding her own photo's! Yes, she has become an active participant in my weekly addition of photo's...isn't that great!

This is my photo for throwback Thursday- Grandma & Grandpa Timbrel's plates

Pat & Nick Adamson sitting using the plates

Jessica Adamson...and another photo of the plates

Robert Adamson using the plates

Like I have said before, I don't have a lot of memories of my childhood (bad memory and all that) but I do remember these plates.  What a silly thing to remember.  But it is one of my memories so it is precious to me. And it sure did make my aunt happy when she seen it.  She couldn't believe that I had the plates.  Love that what started as way to post some of my older photo's has gotten my family talking and enjoying learning about their family. 

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