Thursday, October 24, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday - A Voice From the Past Part 2

Here is another story written by my Grandma Helen about her life.  These really do mean so much to me! Makes me feel like I am wrapped up in her arms again. 

" Life in the U.S.
The Birthday Cake
     I woke feeling that the day was special.  I couldn't think why?  Then I realized it was May 13th, my husband's birthday.  But more than that he would be coming home.  He had been sick and couldn't work for sometime.  He had gone to work a week ago in another town.  Had it only been a week?
     I could hear the kids moving around, and knew by the happy sounds they remembered too.
     All the time I was getting them off to school, I was thinking about a birthday cake.  Lloyd had been out of work a long time and there wasn't anything to make a cake with.  No matter how bad things had been, we always managed a birthday cake.  And the kids were sure I could do it for Dad.
     We were setting the table for dinner, when we heard the car, and Lloyd was home.  The poor man had five kids and one wife all over him.  When I saw his happy face, I knew everything would be alright.  It didn't matter if the dinner was slim and we didn't have a cake.  We were all together again.
     After dinner we cleared the table and I told everyone to set back down.  I went back to the kitchen for a bowl of jello, I had put 38 candles in.  But I made the mistake of lighting the candle's in the kitchen.  As I walked into the dining room, candles were going every which way.  And when Lloyd tried to blow them out, they went everywhere.  We all laughed till tears ran down our faces, and the candle's melted into the jello.  Lloyd said it was the very best birthday cake he ever had.
March 8, 1979"


  1. I love this story! We all have hard times and it's nice to read how others pull through them. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I still remember hearing my Grandma tell this story to us. And for as long as I can remember, they would laugh every time. They may have had tough times but they got through it together. Something my husband and I strive to live up to.