Monday, April 23, 2012

Isaiah aka Alexander Timbrel

Today....I received in the mail the death certificate from Santa Cruz, California for Alexander I. Timbrel.  I was so excited because while the information I got from the genealogical society had me doubting my instincts that this was my Isaiah, today I found that there is still hope.  I am so excited.  On his death certificate it lists that his father was Jacob Timbrel....whoo hoo.  I really do think this is my guy.  Since I loose Isaiah after 1880 and then find his first wife living with one of their daughter's in 1910.  I have been unable to locate either of them or the children in the 1900 census. 

I followed this Alexander back as far as I could which is to 1910 also.  In 1910, he is living with a Mae Timbrel, step-daughter Nettie, and a daughter Beluah Timbrel, in Tacoma, Washington.  The census says they have only been married for 2 years.  I checked with the Washingtion State Archives and happily enough there was a marriage listed for them and their daughter Beluah.   And I am able to order them for pretty cheap. :)  So I have placed the order. 

I am more positive than ever that this Alexander I Timbrel is my Isaiah Timbrel.  Alexander was possibly his middle name and after leaving his first wife and children he might have started going by that.  I still have a long way to go to completely prove it.  I really do believe that I am headed in the right direction. :) We will see what their marriage records show.

Sadly, though, if this is my guy...he left his first family and never looked back.  Just as his brother Amos M Timbrel did.  In Alexander's obit, it states he only had one daughter.  I wonder if that daughter knew that she had siblings out there.  And whether his first family ever knew what happened to their father....

Thursday, April 19, 2012

1940 Census...yes!!!

Just like every other genealogist out there, the release of the 1940 U.S. Federal Census has been in the forefront of my mind since April 2nd.  I was unable to look at it the first day due to the fact that I was in Reno shopping with my Dad.  The rest of that week, it was very difficult to spend much time looking through the millions of un-indexed sheets to find my family.  The only one that I thought I might have the chance to find was my Grandma & Grandpa Adamson in Granite, Ore.  Granite was/is a very small town.  At the time, it was inhabited with many miners working the Dredge between it and Baker City.  So I opened the file for Granite and there they were on the very first page.  Very cool.

Since then I have helped to index many pages of the 1940 census.  I love helping do this...just wish I had more time to help get it up and indexed.  I have also found some other family members, including my Grandpa Bill's (Adamson) mother and step father, Nina & Chester Hammond, in Hot Springs, Madison, Montana.

My Grandma & Grandpa Adamson are listed on line 19.'s a secret

Well, something exciting happened with my work last week, but I can't tell you. :) Yes, that's right I am keeping it a secret....well until I talk to Theron's Mom about it all.  Let's just say that it's pretty cool. 

Here is something I can tell you that is also very cool for me. 

Since my big news has to do with Theron's maternal side of the family.  I have gone back to that side of the family to finish doing some work.  Theron's Great Grandfather Raymond E. Thornton was adopted, I had previously done a little work on that part of his tree to see if I could break through the adoption...which I did.  I was very excited, as I hadn't worked on a adopted child before.  After I had went through the adoption and found both his biological father and his adopted father, I moved on.  I had moved to the Hadley side of the family, so that I might share with his last living Grandmother some of the things I found.  Always with the intention of going back to the Thornton's.  Well, last week I was reminded, that my work there was very far from being done. 

Back to the very cool thing for me....up until now I have had no real reason to leave the United States in my research.  My family on both sides have pretty much been here since before the Revolutionary War.  While some of my lines, I have not made it back that far, I am working on them.  Anyways, today I added my very first record from outside the U.S.  I have had plenty of opportunities to have done so in the past, just never felt that it was the right time to pay the bigger fee with to warrant doing so.  But now that I will be working a lot outside of the U.S. and I felt that it was time, I upgraded.  I did so and immediately felt that it was the right thing to have done.  To a lot of people this may seem small, but for me it's very exciting.  Now when I have friends that need help outside the U.S. I can possibly help them.  Before I would try my hardest but since I didn't have access to those records, it was hard for me to help very well.  But now....

And there is nothing that I love more than helping others with their research...well maybe except working on mine. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rosetta M (Timbrel) VanCleave

I have moved on from Isaiah & Amos to their sister Rosetta M. Timbrel, all three being siblings to my Grandpa Jake Timbrel.

Rosetta married a man named Thomas VanCleave (with numerous spellings).  Rosetta and her daughters are the ones in the picture with Mary Jane (Totten)Timbrel Lundy.  I have only just started and have spent most of my time working on Rosetta's daughter Mabel (VanCleave) Webster.  Mainly because after the death of her husband, Rosetta moved in with Mabel and her husband Charles Webster.  I find it interesting that Rosetta lived with her daughter.  I am not sure if  Mary Jane lived with Rosetta, I think though that they must have visited often.  But Rosetta lived with her daughter for more than 20 years.....20 YEARS!! What an awesome daughter.  I find it so wonderful how these daughters took care of their mothers.  I know that when I go home I love helping my parents out.  And I sometimes wish I could have lived in those days.  Family was family and it didn't matter.  I am sure that it was difficult at times.  But oh to have my kids grow up living with my parents and learning from them....what rich history Mabel's children probably got.  I look at that picture of Mary Jane & Rosetta and wonder what kind of women were they?? What stories they could have told??  And look at the way Mary Jane raised her daughter and then the way her granddaughter was raised because of their love.  I like to think that...that it was love and nothing else that brought these daughters and mothers to live with each other for so many years.

I think it was due to a descendant of Rosetta's that the picture I have of Mary Jane was out there in the world.  And I think I may have tracked her down.  But as of yet I have had no reply to my emails.  I am hoping that if something did happen to this wonderful woman that maybe she has someone close to her that will someday be interested and pick up where her Mother left off.  And will find me and we will share.  I have so much information that I would love to share with them.  And so much I would love to learn.

Well, while writing this post I received an email from the lady at the Denver Public Library that was doing my obit look-up's for Florence Timbrel (Isaiah's wife) and Guy Gwynne Jr. (Florence & Isaiah's grandson), and she had them for me.  From Florence's obit I learned of another daughter that I didn't know anything about. Her name was Leila Bell (Timbrel) Miller.  She was born in 1888, which is why I didn't know about her.  There is no 1890 US Federal Census, and I have been unable to find Florence & Isaiah in the 1900 US Federal Census.  I have learned that Leila married a man named Arichibald Miller and that they had three children.  I am trying to locate the children now.  And also find any records of them.  I did find Leila and Archie (as he went by) living right next door to Guy and Mabel Gwynne in Arizona.  Which was quite exciting to me.  I had looked at their names previously but as it doesn't list maiden names it was just another Miller to me. lol.  I will keep plucking away at both of them.  I have a few more leads to follow up on and will keep them in mind.

Yes, both Rosetta & Isaiah (siblings) had daughters and named them Mabel.  And surprisingly enough they were both born in 1882. :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Grandma Adamson's Chip Dip

So a lot of people think that family history is all about names and dates and the broad strokes of their lives.  Sometimes though the things that seem the most mundane can have great meaning behind it, or can leave you with more questions.... Take for example my Grandma Wavel (Pattee) Adamson and her famous chip dip.  OK, well maybe not famous but in my family it is definitely a necessity.  If we have any sort of family gathering it has to be there or someone is in trouble...usually me. LOL. 

One thing that has always been a mystery to me is where did she get this recipe?? Did she get it from her mother or her mother-in-law??   And as I am making it...standing there mixing the heavy whipping cream for about 10 minutes with an electric mixer, I wonder how many of my Grandmother's stood mixing the same thing and whether it went back to the days before the electric mixer, when women used the hand mixer.  Oh how long that would have taken.

Now I am unsure how much of my extended family makes this dip for every occasion like we do, but for my family it will always be a staple for every family gathering. And I may never know how old this recipe is but it's nice to think about my Grandma Wavel standing in the kitchen doing the same thing for her family that I now do for mine. :)

Grandma's Dip

1/2 pint heavy whipping cream
5 tubs of cottage cheese
5-6 cloves of garlic
salt & pepper to taste

Beat heavy whipping cream till thick & frothy.  Add rest of ingredients and chill for at least an hour. Serve with chips.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Our trip to Nana & Papa's

Last Friday we left for spring break to my parents.  I love taking my kids back to Gabbs.  They have cousins that live nearby and they get to spend a lot of time outside.  They got a "surprise" from me on Monday for being good while I was kites.  They were so excited to get to fly them.  The wind blew all weekend and most of Monday.  Of course though on Tuesday when we went out to fly our kites there wasn't a breeze to be found. I sure felt bad for Maddie, Ahren and their cousin (closest in age to them) Derick.  They sure did give it there best shot though...running up and down the street, trying to make their own wind. We brought the kites home and will try to get them up in the air tomorrow.

While the kids were out making memories with their cousin, I was making my own with my parents.  I spent Monday hanging out with my Dad when I took him to Reno to go shopping.  And Tuesday I spent the whole day playing scrabble with my Mom and just hanging out with her.  It was great.

I did get a chance to ask my Aunt Kitty about the Timbrel family that was in Oregon at the same time they were living there.  And she doesn't remember them or even knowing they were there.  So I think possibly that my Grandpa Lloyd didn't know about them.  Which doesn't surprise me...we have Coen cousins living in Reno that we never knew about either, for all these years they were so close and we never knew.

While there, I finally worked up the courage to contact a cousin on the Timbrel side.  I don't know why I always wait...thinking that they won't be receptive to me or think that I am after "something".  But I emailed her and she is so excited to be in contact with me.  I have lots of pictures that she is interested in. :) I am so excited to give her a piece of her families past that she never knew about.

All in all I think it was a great trip.  Family, memories and some quality time with my kids in the car.  Great way to spend our spring break. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A visit with Grandparents

Yesterday, I spent the day with my Dad.  It was a good day.  We had breakfast..rocked out to some good ol' country on the way to Reno....and went shopping. :)  While at Costco we seen some beautiful Crazy Daisies.  And I asked Dad if we could go see Grandma & Grandpa Adamson on our way home.  :)

It was so beautiful outside.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been if the grass had been so green but other than that you couldn't have asked for a better day. While there we realized that Grandpa Bill has been passed away for 22 years and Grandma Wavel has been gone for 25 years.  And that was sad to realize.  Here is a picture of their headstones with our Crazy Daisies.