Monday, October 21, 2013

Blog Vs Book: And Admitting When I am Wrong

So one of my "genealogical" dreams is to someday write a book with all the stories and pictures and cool things about my family that I have found.  I haven't yet started working on this dream because I still have so much work to do beforehand.  In the meantime,  I decided to share my work as I do it, and share some of the things I have found along the way.  And to do that I decided to start this blog.  I love this blog.  It gets my family talking and reminiscing over the "good ol' days".  And gives me an outlet to share and talk out the things I am working on.  I figure out a lot of stuff while talking to my husband about whatever I am working on at the moment...and this blog gives me another place to "talk it out" with out always boring my hubby with dead people.

The other good thing about this blog, is it gives me the opportunity to correct mistakes that I have made.  After consultation with a fellow genealogist, and talking it over with different family members.  I have come to accept the fact that the photo I have been "haunted" by these many years is in fact my Grandpa Les & Grandma Marie Timbrel.  I think this photo will always have a special place in my heart.  But it is time to admit when I am wrong. 

I will continue my search for photo's of Jake & Jennie Timbrel...someday I will make it to Walden, CO...looking high and low, searching under every "cousin" rock I can find.  And hopefully, someday I will have faces to go with these wonderful people.  But till then it's "back to the drawing board".

And you know what I am OK with that.  I am OK with the fact that I was wrong.  I had a hunch.  Sometimes they pay off and sometimes you are just chasing your tail, but at least I tried.  I put my best effort into proving or disproving my case.  I didn't just say "hey I think I am right and this is so and so". 

My Mom came for a visit this last week and I stated my case to her.  We examined the photo's that I had posted and talked for a good long while.  She says that Grandpa Lloyd specifically told her that that was Grandma Marie & Grandpa Les in that picture.  And she noted that the handwriting on the bottom of the picture was different than hers, and that it was in fact Grandpa Lloyd Timbrel.  She says that the day before Grandpa Les passed away he was in his basement working on fishing fly's.  Literally, he made fishing fly's till the day he died.

I still think that they look old in the picture but it is not a good quality photo.  She doesn't know what happened to the original.  And that makes me so very sad.  I wonder about all the photo's that have been lost to time, and wish for them back.  But yeah well wishing didn't get anyone to the end of their rainbow...hard work is what will get me there.  So someday when I reach that elusive "end of the rainbow" I will find what I am looking for, till then I will keep plugging away...making mistakes and working through them. 

Marie (Stover) & Lesile Timbrel abt 1917
Myrtle Marie Stover married Lesile C Timbrel on 19 Feb 1917 in Walden, Jackson, Colorado.  My Mom says that she was told this was their wedding photo, not sure about that.  But with the snow on the ground it could have been taken around the time of their wedding.  They were not very well off people though so it could be.  And also when it comes to this particular photo I don't have a good track record.  And that is the story my Mom was told. :)

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