Thursday, February 14, 2013

All because Two people fell in LOVE!!

Well, in this case all because FOUR people fell in love!

Today, is the day of love, the day of hearts, flowers and chocolate.  I am not a particularly ooey and gooey kinda gal.  I don't want or expect flowers and a gushy card on this or any day of the year.  To me, this is just the time of year to teach my kids about loving all God's children.  Yes, occasionally my husband has been sweet enough to bring me home a bouquet of flowers and I love them.  But more just because of the thought and time it took him to stop and get them.  He works long hours and is usually exhausted by the time he gets off work.  We always try to show our love for each other all through the year.  We take time out of our day to stop, hug and tell each other we love each other AND mean it! And when possible we go out on dates. So no, I don't put much thought into celebrating our love for each other one day out of the year.

But I thought it might be nice to take time out to pay tribute to the two couples that have made the love my husband & I have for each other so special, by example and by creation.  Without both of our parents who first found each other and "fell in love" to "create" us.  And then lead by example, neither Theron nor I would be the people we are today, to love and cherish each other the way we do.  Was it all peaches and, of course not.  But through their struggles we have seen how strong couples can be and make it to last. 

So thank you to my parents Bob & Sandy Adamson and Theron's parents Earl & Marge Wahl for being who you are and loving each other! We learn by example, and you have both been great examples.  We are blessed to have you both in our lives and in our children's lives.  WE love you!

Lloyd & Helen Timbrel, Sandy & Bob Adamson, Wavel & Bill Adamson

Earl & Ramona Wahl, Earl & Marge Wahl, Bev & Jim Thornton