Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday's Faces of the Past - Terry & Dolores Timbrel

I found this photo today while searching for something else.  And Wow! Look how young my Aunt Dolores & Uncle Terry were here.  This I am sure is from shortly after they were married.  I really do miss them a ton.  They were two of the most kind and loving people I knew. 

I always looked up to my Aunt Dolores.  She was so crafty.  I remember one trip they made up here to visit, and every one's house that they stopped at she took all the leftover know from back in the day when everyone used bar soap.  And then took it home to make new bars with the old.  What a great idea! I have a painting that she did and it hangs in my living room, proudly! Wish I had a smidge of the talent that she had.

After my aunt passed away, my Uncle Terry moved back to Nevada to see my Mom and their siblings.  He came up and spent the weekend with Theron & I shortly after we were married.  Theron had to work so we spent one whole day playing cribbage and talking.  What a great day we had.

Miss you both dearly! Love Me

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