Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!! 2x Great Grandma Mollie (Batten) Smith


Whenever the holidays come around I always wonder how my family used to celebrate...Did they go trick or treating?? Did they dress up?? Really what was Halloween like for them.

Hidden in my Aunt Tina's pictures I found this one of my 2x Great Grandma Mollie (Batten) Stover Smith Reynolds on my Timbrel side, dressed and ready to head to town.

The inscription on the back of the photo reads: "Aunt Mollie (ready for Halloweeen & Big parade in Greenville, Ohio) To Tina:"

Mollie moved to Colorado sometime between 1910 & 1920, so I think the photo was probably taken sometime between then...she would have been in her 30's.  But I could be wrong and it could have been taken before that.

Note the pumpkin on the ground at her feet.  I wonder if it came from their own garden....

Theron thinks she might have been dressed up as a witch....could be.

Do you have any good pictures from Halloween??? I think I have a good one of my Mom...going searching again. :)

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