Thursday, April 19, 2012's a secret

Well, something exciting happened with my work last week, but I can't tell you. :) Yes, that's right I am keeping it a secret....well until I talk to Theron's Mom about it all.  Let's just say that it's pretty cool. 

Here is something I can tell you that is also very cool for me. 

Since my big news has to do with Theron's maternal side of the family.  I have gone back to that side of the family to finish doing some work.  Theron's Great Grandfather Raymond E. Thornton was adopted, I had previously done a little work on that part of his tree to see if I could break through the adoption...which I did.  I was very excited, as I hadn't worked on a adopted child before.  After I had went through the adoption and found both his biological father and his adopted father, I moved on.  I had moved to the Hadley side of the family, so that I might share with his last living Grandmother some of the things I found.  Always with the intention of going back to the Thornton's.  Well, last week I was reminded, that my work there was very far from being done. 

Back to the very cool thing for me....up until now I have had no real reason to leave the United States in my research.  My family on both sides have pretty much been here since before the Revolutionary War.  While some of my lines, I have not made it back that far, I am working on them.  Anyways, today I added my very first record from outside the U.S.  I have had plenty of opportunities to have done so in the past, just never felt that it was the right time to pay the bigger fee with to warrant doing so.  But now that I will be working a lot outside of the U.S. and I felt that it was time, I upgraded.  I did so and immediately felt that it was the right thing to have done.  To a lot of people this may seem small, but for me it's very exciting.  Now when I have friends that need help outside the U.S. I can possibly help them.  Before I would try my hardest but since I didn't have access to those records, it was hard for me to help very well.  But now....

And there is nothing that I love more than helping others with their research...well maybe except working on mine. :)

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