Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rosetta M (Timbrel) VanCleave

I have moved on from Isaiah & Amos to their sister Rosetta M. Timbrel, all three being siblings to my Grandpa Jake Timbrel.

Rosetta married a man named Thomas VanCleave (with numerous spellings).  Rosetta and her daughters are the ones in the picture with Mary Jane (Totten)Timbrel Lundy.  I have only just started and have spent most of my time working on Rosetta's daughter Mabel (VanCleave) Webster.  Mainly because after the death of her husband, Rosetta moved in with Mabel and her husband Charles Webster.  I find it interesting that Rosetta lived with her daughter.  I am not sure if  Mary Jane lived with Rosetta, I think though that they must have visited often.  But Rosetta lived with her daughter for more than 20 years.....20 YEARS!! What an awesome daughter.  I find it so wonderful how these daughters took care of their mothers.  I know that when I go home I love helping my parents out.  And I sometimes wish I could have lived in those days.  Family was family and it didn't matter.  I am sure that it was difficult at times.  But oh to have my kids grow up living with my parents and learning from them....what rich history Mabel's children probably got.  I look at that picture of Mary Jane & Rosetta and wonder what kind of women were they?? What stories they could have told??  And look at the way Mary Jane raised her daughter and then the way her granddaughter was raised because of their love.  I like to think that...that it was love and nothing else that brought these daughters and mothers to live with each other for so many years.

I think it was due to a descendant of Rosetta's that the picture I have of Mary Jane was out there in the world.  And I think I may have tracked her down.  But as of yet I have had no reply to my emails.  I am hoping that if something did happen to this wonderful woman that maybe she has someone close to her that will someday be interested and pick up where her Mother left off.  And will find me and we will share.  I have so much information that I would love to share with them.  And so much I would love to learn.

Well, while writing this post I received an email from the lady at the Denver Public Library that was doing my obit look-up's for Florence Timbrel (Isaiah's wife) and Guy Gwynne Jr. (Florence & Isaiah's grandson), and she had them for me.  From Florence's obit I learned of another daughter that I didn't know anything about. Her name was Leila Bell (Timbrel) Miller.  She was born in 1888, which is why I didn't know about her.  There is no 1890 US Federal Census, and I have been unable to find Florence & Isaiah in the 1900 US Federal Census.  I have learned that Leila married a man named Arichibald Miller and that they had three children.  I am trying to locate the children now.  And also find any records of them.  I did find Leila and Archie (as he went by) living right next door to Guy and Mabel Gwynne in Arizona.  Which was quite exciting to me.  I had looked at their names previously but as it doesn't list maiden names it was just another Miller to me. lol.  I will keep plucking away at both of them.  I have a few more leads to follow up on and will keep them in mind.

Yes, both Rosetta & Isaiah (siblings) had daughters and named them Mabel.  And surprisingly enough they were both born in 1882. :)

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