Monday, April 23, 2012

Isaiah aka Alexander Timbrel

Today....I received in the mail the death certificate from Santa Cruz, California for Alexander I. Timbrel.  I was so excited because while the information I got from the genealogical society had me doubting my instincts that this was my Isaiah, today I found that there is still hope.  I am so excited.  On his death certificate it lists that his father was Jacob Timbrel....whoo hoo.  I really do think this is my guy.  Since I loose Isaiah after 1880 and then find his first wife living with one of their daughter's in 1910.  I have been unable to locate either of them or the children in the 1900 census. 

I followed this Alexander back as far as I could which is to 1910 also.  In 1910, he is living with a Mae Timbrel, step-daughter Nettie, and a daughter Beluah Timbrel, in Tacoma, Washington.  The census says they have only been married for 2 years.  I checked with the Washingtion State Archives and happily enough there was a marriage listed for them and their daughter Beluah.   And I am able to order them for pretty cheap. :)  So I have placed the order. 

I am more positive than ever that this Alexander I Timbrel is my Isaiah Timbrel.  Alexander was possibly his middle name and after leaving his first wife and children he might have started going by that.  I still have a long way to go to completely prove it.  I really do believe that I am headed in the right direction. :) We will see what their marriage records show.

Sadly, though, if this is my guy...he left his first family and never looked back.  Just as his brother Amos M Timbrel did.  In Alexander's obit, it states he only had one daughter.  I wonder if that daughter knew that she had siblings out there.  And whether his first family ever knew what happened to their father....

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