Friday, April 6, 2012

Our trip to Nana & Papa's

Last Friday we left for spring break to my parents.  I love taking my kids back to Gabbs.  They have cousins that live nearby and they get to spend a lot of time outside.  They got a "surprise" from me on Monday for being good while I was kites.  They were so excited to get to fly them.  The wind blew all weekend and most of Monday.  Of course though on Tuesday when we went out to fly our kites there wasn't a breeze to be found. I sure felt bad for Maddie, Ahren and their cousin (closest in age to them) Derick.  They sure did give it there best shot though...running up and down the street, trying to make their own wind. We brought the kites home and will try to get them up in the air tomorrow.

While the kids were out making memories with their cousin, I was making my own with my parents.  I spent Monday hanging out with my Dad when I took him to Reno to go shopping.  And Tuesday I spent the whole day playing scrabble with my Mom and just hanging out with her.  It was great.

I did get a chance to ask my Aunt Kitty about the Timbrel family that was in Oregon at the same time they were living there.  And she doesn't remember them or even knowing they were there.  So I think possibly that my Grandpa Lloyd didn't know about them.  Which doesn't surprise me...we have Coen cousins living in Reno that we never knew about either, for all these years they were so close and we never knew.

While there, I finally worked up the courage to contact a cousin on the Timbrel side.  I don't know why I always wait...thinking that they won't be receptive to me or think that I am after "something".  But I emailed her and she is so excited to be in contact with me.  I have lots of pictures that she is interested in. :) I am so excited to give her a piece of her families past that she never knew about.

All in all I think it was a great trip.  Family, memories and some quality time with my kids in the car.  Great way to spend our spring break. 

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