Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yikes...contacting strangers

One of the things I struggle with the most, is contacting people I don't know to tell them we're related.  I am not a very social person, choosing to be a homebody rather than a social butterfly.  So working up the courage to call people that are possibly related is so hard for me.  Sometimes, I have to just decide to call someone and not spend to much time thinking about it or what I am going to say.  I "sike" myself out if I think about what I should say.

Today, I heard from the Josephine County volunteer again, and she had a lead on John Freeman in Grants Pass, Or.  Working up the nerve to call a stranger and say "Hello, I think you might have been friends with my 2 Great Grand Uncle and his wife" is so hard.  BUT...I did it!! First time I called they picked up and hung up all in one second...I think they thought I was a telemarketer.  I didn't give up though and called right back.  I got the lady of the house and she said that John wasn't home.  I asked to leave a message and when I told her why I was calling, she said that I had the wrong guy.  Her John was never married to a Minnie.  Sadly, it was another dead end.  But I will not despair. :)

I also took the time to write to the Grandson of Isaiah Timbrel.  I can write an email anytime of day but have me call or handwrite a letter and my little girl nerves come out full swing. lol.  Crazy....yes, I know! Well, I got the letter written and will put it in the mail tomorrow.  Best I can tell, he will be about 82 years old.  I am excited and hopeful.  I hope to share the photo of Mary Jane Timbrel, his Great Grandmother with him.  And maybe learn from him about his family.  One thing I love about this work, is the opportunity to meet new family members. I find it interesting that Claude (Isaiah's son, the father of the man I am contacting) ended up in Oregon.  I wonder if my Grandpa Lloyd knew that he had family living there when he was there.  My Grandparents lived in Oregon for a few years in the 70's I believe.  Did he ever call on them?? Did they get together and visit?? I'm thinking I need to ask one of my aunts or my uncle who was with them when they lived there.....

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  1. I asked my Aunt Kitty and she said that as far as she knew when they were in Oregon they didn't visit with any family. So Grandpa Lloyd may not have known but then again he may have...