Friday, March 23, 2012

Mabel & Guy Gwynne

So this is why we verify everything.  I really thought this might be my couple because this Mabel's middle name was also Josephine and her husband's name was Guy.  But alas, I received word from the volunteer in Josephine County tonight and she couldn't get all the obits except Guy's but it was enough to tell me that this is NOT my couple.  That explains why the birth date's doesn't match up. :) Back to the drawing board, so they say. 

I also, did find that Josephine County has a very nice historical society that does research...for a fee of course.  Since the volunteer is unable to go look for the others I will pay the fees and have the historical society look for anything they may have on Amos M., Myrtle and Charles (Myrtle's 2nd husband). :)

I have started looking into Mabel's brother Claude Timbrel also (remember they are Isaiah's children, the ultimate goal is finding out what happened to Isaiah).  Claude was a great cattleman in the Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado area in the early parts of the 1900's.  I have a wonderful photo of him from his younger years.  I think I might have a lead on his grandson though so I will wait till I have time to send him a letter and hear from him before I post it.  I hope that the address I have for him is still current.  I will try to get it written tonight and put in the mail in the morning. 

I am getting ready to leave for Salt Lake City with the Young Women from my church.  I have to get my kids to my brother's because we are leaving at 4:30 a.m. and I will need to get to bed early tonight. :) Wish me luck!

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