Thursday, March 22, 2012

Loving a good mystery

There is nothing I love more than a good mystery.  And that is what I seem to be in the middle of with Mabel and her husband Guy.

I am a bit disappointed that I still haven't heard from the volunteer for Josephine County.  I am hoping that I will hear from her soon.  But I am taking actions in case I don't.  I contacted the public library in Grant's Pass and will follow up tomorrow.  I am still unsure if they do obit look ups but most libraries do.  I will see if there is a museum also they may have a nice archives. :)

So this is what I find and will be looking into, Mabel was not the only one that changed her birth date, her husband Guy did also.  Of course this could be the completely wrong couple, in which case I need to disprove or prove who they are.  So while I can't order their death certificates because the 50 year time limit isn't up yet...I will have to find those obit's.  :) If that doesn't work for whatever reason, I will think about ordering their Social Security application and see what they wrote there.  I will use this as a last resort though as that one document is quite expensive, $27.00 apiece. Yikes, but in some cases it is well worth it.  I wonder if these are my guys why the changes in age?

I also found that Amos' wife Myrtle remarried after he died and much to my surprise her real name is Permelia Myrtle...which I find interesting because it's really close to Amelia.  Maybe what I thought was a third wife is really just his second wife.  I have sent off a request for Amelia Fuson & Amos Timbrel's marriage record in Denver, Colorado.  I am way excited because Colorado has requirements to order birth and death records, but marriage records are so simple.  All I had to do was fill out one form and send them $1.25.  Wow!! That was easy and cheap.  Love it when that happens.

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