Monday, March 26, 2012

Just a day...

So two things happened today worth a mention.  One, I received the information I had requested from the Santa Cruz Genealogical Society.  They were very, very helpful. Even doing some searching on, in case I didn't have a subscription.  Only problem is that it didn't tell me who Alexander I. Timbrel's parents were.  They did tell me more about his daughter and a possible other daughter.  Unfortunately,  they do not match up with the kids I have for Isaiah and Florence.  So while, this still could be my guy, chances are pretty low.  I will have to think about whether or not I want to pay for his death certificate, which would (hopefully) have his parents listed.

Also, I heard from the Josephine County, Oregon volunteer today.  And she was able to get me the obit's I was wanting for Amos, Permelia, and her 2nd husband Charles Vanarnam.  The closest thing to a clue was in Permelia aka Myrtle's obit., "surviving are friends John and Minnie Freeman." I tried to see if they were still living but no luck there.  I emailed my lady back and am anxiously waiting to hear from her.  Maybe they are still alive and listed in the phone book.  But really, I am not holding out much hope.  Myrtle passed away in 1981 so its probable that they have passed too.  I was really hoping for a maiden name for Myrtle which could have confirmed or denied my theory that Myrtle and Amelia Fuson (Amos' marriage in Denver) are one and the same.  It fits but I need the proof. 

While I am waiting for obits for Florence Timbrel and Guy Gwynne Jr.'s obit, which I sent away for today.  I went back to Amos M. Timbrel's first wife Amy Mitchell Timbrel and their son together John Cecil Timbrel and started working on them.  One thing I noticed is that Cecil, as he went by that later in life, started adding two "l's" to the end of Timbrel.  So instead of "Timbrel" it reads "Timbrell".  It's curious because it just depends on the person whether there was two or one "l's".  For instance, all records for my 2x Great Grandfather Jake show just the one "l".  And that is how it has been spelled for all his descendant's.  I have not seen a real line in the family as to when or who spells it that way.  It just seems to be certain people spell it different.  I had heard a story by another family member that they heard that sometime back when, the family got into a fight and one part went on to spell it "Timbrel" and the other "Timbrell".  I have no proof for that though.  I love those family stories though, they make it all interesting. 

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