Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Talk about efficient

Last night, I wrote on how I had applied to the Oregon State Archives for Amos Timbrel's death certificiate.  First thing this morning, I wake up to an email from them with an attachment.  It's Amos' certificate.  :D Talk about efficient!!! Put in a request yesterday afternoon and this morning I am holding a copy of the certificate.  Love it!! Definitely, my guy!  The informant was his wife Myrtle R. Timbrel.  So far I have found three wives for Amos: Amy F. Mitchell, Amelia Fuson, and Myrtle R. Every day is an opportunity to learn.

Also heard from the Fairmount Cemetery.  All they had on Florence was the date she was buried.  I am loving how fast my request are being returned. :)  While I was hoping for more information I at least can narrow it down to a month. :)  I will see if I can find a volunteer in Denver, to look for an obit for her.

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