Thursday, November 8, 2012

Duel Family

One of the biggest problems with getting sick...well besides the sick my inability to function and write.  I love my work and love writing about it.  But when you are not well, that all gets put on the back burner.  I have a ways to go till I am fully well but I am going to work on being better at getting some work done on the computer even while I am down. :D No worries though I will be up and at 'em in no time at all.

So that is this week's excuse on why I haven't posted in a while.... lol ;)

Two weeks ago, after my last post on William Tribble and his murder, I heard from a "cousin" that I have not met before or even knew of.  His name is Rick Hall and he contacted me with some information on the murder of William Tribble.  He is related through Margaret (Duel) Tribble's brother George Alvin Duel.  George Alvin is his Great Grandfather.  This makes us third cousins. Rick was able to provide me with some more newspaper articles on the death of William Tribble and the following trial of V.H. Albright.  Such a sad tale. Mr. Albright was found guilty of the murder of William Tribble and sentenced to just 4 years! That is crazy to me, for the murder of another person but times were different then.  I think Mr. Albright might have appealed his verdict and it might have gone to the Supreme Court but more research is in order, for me to tell you how much time Mr. Albright really did serve in the en.

Rick has also been so generous in sharing some amazing photo's with me.  And we are planning on working together to break down brick walls.  One of the photo's he shared with me I already had BUT I had a photo copy of a photo copy.  That picture was posted on by another cousin related through George Robinson Duel's first wife.  They had two daughters together and then for some reason George left her and she remarried his brother.  There is more work for me to find out what happened there.  Well, so the photo I have was a good photo just not very clear.  Then I received the one from Rick and it is very beautiful. 

Beautiful! Right....  George and Amy Duel are front right side.  Above them are their daughters Margaret (second from the right back) and Bertie (far right), George Alvin Duel is back far left.  I am not sure which one is which of the other three boys but they are Dexter, Heenan and Manford. 

While researching Dexter, I met one of his descendants and am hoping that she will be able to tell me eventually which one is Dexter.  She is working on getting some family photo's that her Grandma had.  I hope that she is successful, as she wants to preserve them.  I am a full believer in sharing family photo's so that no matter what happens, there is always a copy floating around.  See a photo I have posted and want a copy? Feel free to take it or email me and I will send you one. :D  Preservation is key to these precious gems.

When I did have time, I have been working on George Robinson Duel's children.  I did spend a little bit of time on his first two daughters with his first wife Sybilla.  And I had just moved on to Dexter (while waiting to hear from the Stillwater Library) when I heard from Rick.  In what little time I have had on the computer that has been the focus of my research, Dexter and his children.  Tonight, I got a little side tracked but I will tell you all about that in another post. :)

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