Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving and Weddings...the Best of times!!

Thanksgiving was well to say the least interesting.  We stayed home this year, as my husband had to work.  He worked Thanksgiving Day, so we had plans to celebrate on Friday instead.  Thanksgiving Day the kids and I just hung out at home and had a good day together.  We made a Thankful Tree, watched some T.V. and just had a good day spending time together.  Theron & Madisen had both been complaining of a sore throat and had been coughing all week.  Friday morning we got up nice and early to get the turkey in the roaster and wouldn't you know it all four of us were sicker than dogs.  Well so needless to say it was an exhausting but pretty good day.  Every year we make new memories, and this year will be no different. :D So while I spent the day feeling like I had been run over and listening to my family take turns having coughing fits, it will be a memorable one.

Our Thankful Tree
We spent the rest of the weekend resting...literally.  I don't think we did anything but lay around.  I think it was good for the kids to unwind and just spend time with us.

We put up our tree on Tuesday.  And then...

My wonderful nephew and his beautiful girlfriend decided to take the plunge.  It was a civil ceremony at the local courthouse.  And it was beautiful.  Seeing two people who love each other join their lives together, was just wonderful! I am so glad that I was a part of their precious moment.  Congratulations Wyatt & Brooke!  I love you both and wish you both all the happiness this life can give!!

Wyatt & Brooke m. 28 Nov 2012

I know I repeat myself often but some things are so important that they require repetition. Sometimes, we get lost in learning about our ancestors and researching their families and all they went through.  And that's wonderful! I love every minute I spend chasing down my family.  But we must always remember that we need to make memories with the ones that are here with us still.  Love them, cherish them, participate in them and then record them for our descendants. :D Happy living this holiday season!!

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