Friday, October 19, 2012

Ripley Times

Well just as promised I received the newspaper clipping in the mail today from the Ripley Times dated 20 Jul 1900 about William Tribble's murder.  And it has such detail in it.  I was so excited to be able to come home and share this with my Dad, who is here for a little visit.  He said that he had never heard this story and then started talking about how his family didn't really talk about this kind of stuff.  His family didn't really talk about much on either the Adamson or the Pattee side.  The only story I ever remember hearing anyting about is the story of my Grandpa Ralph Adamson....but that's a different post. ;)

So here it is a copy of the article....big THANK YOU to Alison at the Thomas-Hilite Memorial Library in Perkins, Oklahoma for going the extra mile.  Wonderful!!

If you would like a copy of this article please just shoot me an email and I will more than happy to share!

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