Saturday, November 10, 2012

UPDATE: Duel Family photo

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my blog.  Because of my blog I have connected with family members I have never met and reconnected with others.  I have found it is a wonderful way for my family to know where I am working on and what I know.  It's nice having so much connection with everyone as I am working.  :-)

That being said...I was contacted by two cousins in regards to the picture of the Duel family that I posted the other day.  One was Rick Hall who gave me the second copy of the photo.  And the other was Marlene Messler another Duel family researcher, whom I have been in contact with for a couple of years.  They both were able to tell me in which order everyone was in the picture and they had the same data.  So....
Back row, left to right: George Alvin, Manford, Margaret, Bertie
Front row, left to right: Heenan, Deck (Dexter), George and Amy

I am so grateful for them both and all their hardwork and the fact that they so freely share their information with me. 


  1. Hi Mindy,

    Enjoyed going through your blog which Thomas MacEntee mentioned on facebook. It is so true that the fun is in the chase. I learn something everytime I go to a blog it seems. My blog was officially mentioned on GeneaBloggers in September 2012.


  2. Hi Grant,

    Thanks, I couldn't find where Thomas mentioned me but I am so excited to get my blog out there. I mainly write for my family but hope that something I say may help someone out there working. :D

    I think yours is pretty cool too. That is cool that you have an ancestor that was in the Gold Rush!

    Hope to talk to you again

  3. I'm glad that your blog is bringing some brick walls down. I love when that happens! I wonder why Manford is the only one turned to the side?

    1. Hi Heather, You wouldn't believe the amount of time I have spent contemplating that same question lol. But it makes for an interesting photo.