Friday, October 12, 2012

Working again whoo hoo!!

I really don't know what happened to all this free time I was supposed to get when my youngest started Kindergarten....but I think it took sail and left me on the shore.  I have been so busy the last two months, that I am still reeling that it's already the middle of October.  Ok, my rant is over on being too busy all the

So yesterday, I get an email from a cousin asking if I knew when my 2nd Great Grandparents George R. and Amy Duel became members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? Before or after they moved to Oregon??  Well, I was quite surprised by this as I didn't think they were members at all.  I got this surge of excitement as I am the only member (besides one beautiful Aunt) in my family.  YES!! I am a "mormon"! And I love it!! Anyways, I thought oh, I just have to know more about this.  As it is something near and dear to my heart....imagine that! :)  So I emailed her back and said I would look into it...and I immediately dropped everything and hopped on the computer.  So glad I didn't have anything important that needed to be done, because I haven't been able to stop working since then.

I didn't right away go look to see if they had been baptized members of the church before death.  Instead, I wanted to take a look at what I had on them in my family tree on  I quickly realized that I had work to do, as it was a mess.  I have talked before about how when I first started my research, I was so excited to see that others had been working on my lines, that I started adding ancestry family trees to mine, thinking that it was all correct.  But as I quickly learned, those trees are made my humans....and well you know us humans we ALL make mistakes. :) Lesson learned but I am still finding problems from adding those well intentioned but misleading leaves to my precious tree.  So here were some I have not looked at since then.  So I started working on verifying all the information that was attached to George Robinson Duel and his second wife Amy Adkins, my biological line through my Dad and his mother Wavel, and her mother Bertie (Duel) Pattee.

Oh, and I have loved every minute that I have got to work on these great people and their family in the last two days. I did late last night, go look and see that neither George nor Amy were baptized before death.  So I emailed my cousin back and she said she had just figured they were members, since some of their children were members.  This I didn't know either.  I know that Bertie Free Duel Pattee their daughter and my direct line was not a member of the church.  She was "christian science" and I don't think it was the same as what Tom Cruise now practices.  My Mom said that my Grandma Wavel was christian science to and that she had mentioned that she learned it from her mother.  To them christian science was that they didn't believe in going to doctors to be healed.  Although, towards the end my Mom was able to talk my Grandma into going to see a doctor. Or so the family story goes....

After, emailing with my cousin, I decided to check George and Amy's children to see if any of them were baptized before death.  And there was one to be found...Heenan Duel b. 29 Jul 1860 St. Joseph, Buchanan, Missouri d. Jun 1939 possible in CA.  So far I haven't found any of his brothers and sisters that could have been members but I am not ruling it out.  I don't think that George and Amy were members though I will still have to prove it.  Even having one Great Grand Uncle be a member is pretty cool to me.  I can't wait to learn more about him.  Though I will wait to do more in depth research on him in particular until I make sure that I have all the vitals and census work done.  I will work on all the children though. 

Today, I have been mainly working on George and Amy's daughter Amy Margaret (Duel) Tribble and her family.  I keep getting pulled away from the computer so I haven't gotten far.  But I know one of Amy's descendants, who got in touch with me a couple years ago.  And we are friends on facebook also.  I love her tons.  This really is one of the best parts of genealogy is meeting all the new "cousins" I have that I had no idea that existed.   I will keep working throughout the weekend, though I have a busy day ahead of me for tomorrow.  I will try to squeeze in a little work.

George Robinson Duel my 2nd Great Grandfather

George & Amy Duel, Margaret (Amy) Tribble, Bertie Oxford & Virgie Oxford
This photo was given to me by my cousin Shelly.

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