Thursday, October 11, 2012

My results are in...

Well, the results are in...and I have a little work...OK research (which for me isn't really work but fun times lol) ahead of me.

The one thing I can say about this test is, it doesn't bog you down with all the talk of haplogroups and chromosomes.  So it's not easy to get lost.  Pretty straight forward.  As in, this is me broken down:

Britsh Isles 68%
Scandinavian 15%
Finnish/Volga-Ural  11%
Southern European 6%

Then it gives me a list of possible "cousins" that I might be related to.  And these cousins are based on family trees that have been compiled on their website. The one on the very top of the list, I know and actually have been emailing today as we discuss our family.  I forgot to mention our DNA tests or mine I should say.  Still not sure if she has taken one.  And then the list continues.  As I go down this quite extensive list, I still am not seeing anything in common other than a surname or two.  For this aspect of the DNA test through, I will have to do some more work to decide if it is worth my time or money.  I will update as I start delving into all these cousins.

The cool thing about the ethnicity part of the test is that it has proven what I already kinda don't get any whiter than me.  And as my close family will attest to I am pretty white. LOL.  No seriously, this is very cool.  I am still working on finding any ancestors that had "crossed the pond" to the big, beautiful U.S.A.  But someday, I will and now I have directions to search.

Here is a little idea of where all these places mean:

British Isles: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
Scandinavian: Norway, Sweden and Denmark
Finnish/Volga-Ural: Russia and Finland
Southern European: Italy, Spain and Portugal

The drawback is that it doesn't say from which side these come from, i.e. paternal or maternal.  I would like to know from which side does the Southern European come from.  Quite a few members on my Mother's side are darker complected and have dark hair.  And do both sides come from the British Isles??? I have my Dad's DNA results, so once I figure out how to read them properly I can compare his to mine and see what is left.  I am pretty sure the Scandinavian comes from my Dad, as the only thing I could glean from his results was that he has quite a bit Norwegian in him.  Another thing that is for sure....I have my work cut out for me. :D

Do I recommend the DNA test?? I am still not sure.  Sorry for those that were looking for a clear, cut answer.  I think time will tell.  They are still in Beta testing.  I am hoping that as they get more results and update the program, things will change and we will have more information available to us.

Am I happy I took the test?? Absolutely, there is nothing quite like seeing where your from highlighted on a map of the world. Yes, I haven't pinpointed who came from these places or when but someday..... 

Just seen this little disclaimer on my DNA results page:
 Remember, a continually growing database of DNA samples and new scientific discoveries mean new findings. So if your ethnicity results get updated over time, it's a good thing and all a part of the service.

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