Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Picture Projects II

Decided I would put up a list of my projects, and a little info on each.

Bev Thornton - In Progress
Wahl-Thornton 520 photos **from Earl & Marge Wahl
Nana's Favorites 1,427 **from Sandy Adamson
Adamson-Pattee 924 with picture index ** from Bill & Wavel Adamson
Bob & Sandy Adamson 614
Pics of Mindy 718
Nancy Keilsing 226 with picture index
Timbrel-Burrows 370 **from Lloyd & Helen Timbrel
Lyle Adamson 155 with picture index
Misc photos 74 **from Sandy Adamson
Tina Bailey 535 with picture index 

I also have files on each major surname that I research: Adamson, Pattee, Timbrel, Burrows, Wahl, Thornton, Hadley & a few other lines that I have worked on over the years.  These files include headstone photo's, obits, pictures of family members that I have received through email or off ancestry.com.  Some of these photo's I only have permission to use on my personal tree on my computer, not online..  I have to respect when others use their right to claim copyright on photos.  I could with my volunteer photo's that I post on findagrave but as I only am trying to help people connect with their loved ones.  I don't worry about it too much.  I have given permission on my bio page for people to use my photo's.  I am not to worried about the credit.  A few might be bad enough that I don't want to take credit for....lol.  And then some have "living" family members in them and I have been asked not to post or share those ones.  And that is fine with me too.  But for the most part I can share a lot of those photo's too, just ask.

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