Saturday, May 19, 2012

Isaiah Alexander Timbrel

So after doing more research I have decided to call it....Alexander and Isaiah are one in the same person.  The more I look into these two individuals the more I realize that one life ends and the other begins.  I can't find anything on Alexander Timbrel before 1920.  Of course, I can't find anything on Isaiah Timbrel after 1880.  Which leaves about 40 years in between.  The 1890 US Federal Census was burned in a fire in 1921, so that leaves that decade out.  I still have not been able to find him in 1900 or 1910 though.  I will keep looking for those years.  Two reasons why I am going to say they were the same person:
1. Jacob Timbrel is listed as his father on his death certificate.  I know that Jacob Timbrel is a family name but it looks like there was only one Jacob Timbrel that would fit the time frame for being his father and that is my Jacob Timbrel.
2.  I set up a memorial page for Alexander I Timbrel on findagrave.  And requested a photo of his headstone.  Richard Stauff is a volunteer in the area and within minutes had claimed the request, and within a couple hours had the photo posted.  Thank you Richard!  The cool thing about Alexander's headstone it says IA Timbrel.  Interesting.... I love it!
I am going to combine the two on in my tree and see if I get some new findings.  I will keep trying to piece together Isaiah Alexander Timbrel's life and try to learn more about him.  And maybe in the process find some living relatives. :)

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