Thursday, May 17, 2012

Isaiah Timbrel

Just a little update on my research for Isaiah Timbrel....I sent off for a copy of Alexander I Timbrel's marriage record from Washington State Archives and received it sometime last week, I think. (Being sick doesn't help with the memory)  Sadly, all it stated was that A I Timbrel married Mae O'Herr.  No mention of parents or how many marriages either had had.  So here is where we stand with Alexander...I have his death certificate, which lists Jacob Timbrel as his father, I have his marriage record to Mae O'Herr in Tacoma, WA.  I have an obit and directory's for Santa Cruz, CA.  It's time to get creative.  I really do believe that Alexander and Isaiah are one in the same.  And his death certificate stating his father as Jacob Timbrel really do lend to the conclusion, but I need more proof. 

I searched for possible military records, thought about social security and quickly dismissed it (there was no Social Security number listed on his death certificate, plus SS had only been around for a few years when he passed).  But I will not dismay...I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.  I will call the cemetery office in the morning and see if they have any information on file.  I will also request a photo of his headstone.  I will soon have access again to and (I am in a group for these subscriptions but they are currently experiencing difficulties) and will search for any newspaper articles relating to his wedding to Mae. 

Since Ohio didn't make requiring birth & death records a law until the late 1860's trying to find a birth record for my guy is out of the question also.  It would be nice to know if Isaiah's middle name was Alexander.  I will have to find my answers elsewhere. 

Gut feelings have been known to be wrong...especially mine. :)  So I will keep at this fellow.  I must prove it now, I am invested.  He haunts my thoughts everyday.  It may take me awhile though but I will figure him out. 

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