Monday, November 11, 2013

Military Monday - Robert Goad

I am so thankful everyday for all the men and women that do currently serve and have served in the past to keep my family and I free.  Free to go to the church of our choosing, free to own our own home, free to come and go as we please, free to teach our children what we want to teach them, and free to live and be happy.  I don't go a day without being grateful for all that I have in my life.  And I know that none of this would be worth anything without my freedom.  And it wouldn't be possible without my God & Country.

I may not agree with our leaders today but one thing I will always support is our troops, those that have served or are still serving.  I believe that what they are doing is so very vital to our way of life.  So....


Words will never be enough.

Every Veteran's and Memorial Day I like to "spotlight" one of my soldier ancestor's.  Today, after talking with a cousin this last week about this family line, decided to talk about my 4x Great Grandfather Robert Goad.

Robert fought in the Civil War as a Confederate.  While looking back 150 years, I do not agree with what the South fought for, I don't have the proper perspective.  To a lot of the men and boys that were fighting for the South, the war wasn't about slavery.  It was about their freedom.

What a horrible war this was for our country.  We had brother's fighting against each other.  It was a sad time for our country.  But we fought and came back and became a very fine "United" country.  Yes, it took a long time.  And we are still working on it but isn't that the keep growing.

Robert was a 2nd Lieutenant for the 22nd Texas Regiment Infantry Co. K. I sadly, don't know much more about Robert.  I am starting my research on him and his family this week. So, I don't have any cool pictures to go along with him.

I just wanted to say Thank You Robert for standing up for what you believe in.  I don't always agree with my ancestors but they are my family.  And family is what makes this hard life worth living.

This was taken by me in July 2010 at the Riverside Cemetery in Orofino, ID

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