Monday, November 4, 2013

Amanuensis Monday - A Voice From the Past Part 3

     We were staying at a hotel in Reno, where Red Skelton was appearing in the casino dinning room.
     The morning of his apperance, we stopped to check out.  There was a man standing there, talking to to the girls behind the desk.  As he turned to go, I saw his face, to my surprise it was Red himself.  And being the smart person that I am, I pointed my finger at him and said "Hey your Red Skeleton!" And this gray haired man changed with a smile to a little boy, and said "That's me."
     We talked and found him to be a warm and friendly person.  We walked outside with him, where a man was waiting for him with a golf cart.  He was there to take Red from the hotel to the casino.  There was a sign on the front of the cart that read, "Look Out Ahead Here Comes Red".  He got in and they took off.  To late, I remembered I hadn't ask for his autograph.
March 12, 79"

Picture from Madame Pickwick Blog

     For more information on Red Skelton visit his website at: Red Skelton.

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