Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wedding Wednesday- Mom & Dad Adamson

I have recently been asking a lot of family members for pictures of their wedding day.  I realized that even though I have interviewed them and gotten photo's from some of my closer relatives, I forgot to ask for pictures of themselves.  Sometimes I get stuck farther back in the timeline of my family, and I forget to make sure I have stuff for the people I get to talk to on a regular basis. 

So all my wonderful family...if you would love (admit it you all would love to) to contribute to my collection...I would so LOVE (yes capitalized...I mean it) to have photo's of all the weddings in my family.  To me it doesn't matter if you headed on down to the local courthouse or had a big deal day, with the white dress and church. 

And while I am in an asking mood ;) if you are so inclined, a copy of your marriage license would be superb too. :)

In the mean is the only pictures I have of my parents wedding day.  Enjoy....I know I do. :D

P.S. I know I have posted them before but aren't they just all so beautiful!! Love my family.

This one is new...maid of honor my Mom's best friend and best man Lyle Adamson 24 Jul 1965

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