Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Four Weddings and a Funeral"...ok well maybe not

Where have you been you ask?!?!.... Well, it may not have been "Four Weddings and a Funeral" for me but it was two weddings, a birth and a sick uncle.  So I may not have been out finding our family history, instead I have been living it. :D Best way to spend your time I think.

On Sept 7th my nephew Zach Adamson married the love of his life, Mabry Kemp.  I drove down for the day and came home later that evening.  Beautiful ceremony and beautiful love.  What a blessing and an honor it was for me to be a part of their wonderful day! :D Love you both and wish you a long and happy life together.

We left the following Tuesday, the 10th, for California.  Where Theron's sister was set to get married on the 14th.  We went a few days early to spend time with her and her new groom before the rest of the family came. And we took a day to take our kids to the Redwood forest, made it to one of the drive thru trees.  Amazing time with our family and amazing sites.

Theron grew up in Kelseyville, CA, where the wedding was held, and we went around and seen all the house's he lived in as a kid.  And all the sites which are so important to him.  While this Nevada girl got a little claustrophobic in all those trees, it was very beautiful.  He grew up next to Clear Lake, which is the largest freshwater lake that is fully in California.

Before we left for California my Uncle Lyle got sick and ended up in the hospital.  When we made it to Reno on our way to California, we stopped to see  him.  Love visiting with him and his family.  We talked a little of family history and I got a few good stories out of him.  I asked him if he ever heard any stories of Ray Coen or knew anything about him.  Sadly he didn't...but I am still going with my theory that he is wherever my Grandfather Ralph Adamson is.  Someday I will solve that mystery.  Love seeing my family there.  After visiting for a few hours we continued our long journey and made it all the way to Kelseyville that night. Spent a lot of time praying for his health.  Prayers answered and they admitted him to the ICU and gave him antibiotics on Thursday night.  He is home now and doing well.  Love that man.

My nephew that got married last November and his wife were expecting their baby on Sept 11th but the 11th came and went and no baby.  He was being stubborn just like his Daddy.  But on the 14th at 4:21 pm we welcomed the newest addition to our family.

Within two hours that day I welcomed two new members into my family...just absolutely wonderful.  Such exciting times in my family.  So welcome to Gary and baby Ryker.  I honestly couldn't be happier. :D
7 Sept 2013 Zach & Mabry Adamson

The Wahl Family Chandelier Tree Leggett, CA 12 Sep 2013

Kelseyville, CA Theron's hometown

Lyle Adamson Jul 2010

14 Sept 2013 Gary & Trista Judd
 I hear all the time people say that family historians, like myself, have a tendency to ignore living family for the dead.  But as you can see, for me that is not the case.  I so love being with my family.  Yes, they can be stressful and sometimes hard to deal with but really our relatives from long ago probably were also.  So if your stuck in your history, take the time to look up and see all the history that is being made.  It may have been a busy month for me (and it's not even half over) I have loved every minute...even the hard ones.  And just think I have so many entries to put in my database...that I was a part of. Miracles...every one of them. :D

Oh yeah and today is my birthday...so even better. ;)

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