Thursday, September 26, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday - Grandpa Burrows wagon

I absolutely love talking with my family about my family, especially when I can get them to talk about family members I wasn't lucky enough to meet.  If I ever met my Great Grandparents Jess & Elma Burrows, then I don't remember.  But I feel like I knew them through the stories I hear from my Mom and her brother & sisters.  I love that! It brings me closer to them and gives me the connection I have been looking for.

One thing all my aunts & uncle remember about my Grandpa Burrows was that he loved to be out in his wood shed.  And loved to work with his hands.  Grandpa Burrows worked for the railroad most of his life and was a good, hard worker.  But once he retired he was not one much for sitting around being lazy.  So he got a wood shed and set out to work.  He was always tinkering in his wood shed.

One day while visiting with my Uncle Lance, he honored me with one of the wagon's my Grandpa worked on.  I proudly display it in my kitchen.  Every time I look up and see it sitting there, I think of my Grandpa Burrows and how much I would have loved to have an hour or two with him in his shed.  Some day I will get that time with him....but till then I have this beautiful work of art of his to treasure...and I do.



  1. Do your Burrows originate in Connecticut? I have a Burrows lineage from Wethersfield, and I find that most other families spelled it Burroughs, not Burrows. Just hoping it is a clue!

  2. Oh I wish I could say yes...but honestly I don't know. My brick wall is my 2x Great Grandfather Benjamin T. Burrows. He died when my Great Grandpa Jesse was just a little guy. I am pretty sure that Benjamin's father's name is Jonathan R. Burris but not much else. I believe that Benjamin is the one that changed the spelling...or perhaps his Mother. She seemed to have a rough life. Maybe she was hiding...not sure. That is just pure speculation. But I have not made it very far on this line. Sorry.