Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Helen & Lloyd Timbrel

Well, I decided since I have been talking a lot about how much I miss my Grandma & Grandpa Timbrel I decided to post some pictures of there final resting place for those cousins that are too far away to visit....I bet they miss them just as much as I do.

My Grandparents decided they didn't want to be buried but cremated instead and their ashes spread in one the their favorite valley's, Gabbs Valley.  My cousin had a baby daughter who also passed shortly after they did and so she has a marker their with them, but out of respect I won't post her name or any information.  Although, I think of her ofter too.  We all know that she is with our Grandparents in Heaven, just waiting on all us down here.

The first photo is a bit blurry but shows their first markers (over the years they have gotten new ones).  The second was taken Jan 2011 with their new markers.  And the third one was taken July 2012.  The last one is a view of the valley beyond Gabbs Valley....home.

Jan 2011 Courtesy: Charity Brown

July 2012
Gabbs Valley July 2012

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