Thursday, July 11, 2013

Those places Thursday: Look to your Community

Today, driving home from town we seen something that is not all that odd here in our mining town in Nevada.  But I got to thinking that for someone that wasn't from the area, it would have been something to see.  We were driving on the freeway and on the lower road was the bed of a dump truck with police escort headed to the rebuild place down the road.  And like the good blogger I am I seen an opportunity and got ahead in time to take pictures.

This may not be a regular thing but certainly not an unusual site for us here in Elko, NV.  It got me thinking about what kind of things our ancestors might have done or seen where they were from.  So what are you sitting her reading this for....go look!

OK, so your still here and you what me to share a little something about one of my ancestors...well, your wish is my command.  In 1964, Nevada celebrated it's 100  years of statehood.  One of the things we do to celebrate our statehood every year is have a Nevada Day Parade in Carson City.  There were 230 entries in the parade in 1964.  You can read more about the Nevada Day Parade here at Nevada Day.  My Grandpa Bill (Kenneth Vern Adamson) and a couple friends made a float for the parade that year, while living in Empire which is near Gerlach.

Unknown, Bill Adamson, Unknown

Bill Adamson,Walt Caravan

This is a look at the float in process of being built...looks like they were having a good time.  I think this is a very cool look into something that my Grandpa was a part of.  Because of his work on this float my Grandma and him were invited to the Centennial Ball.  Don't know if they went but I would like to think that maybe they did.

When searching for your family and trying to learn about them, look to their community.  It's amazing the things you can find and learn about them.  They weren't just teachers, farmers  or miners.  They had other interests too....just like you do! :)

The finished project!

And yes, those rings were spinning! ;)

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