Saturday, December 29, 2012

Swedish Nobility Calendar

It came! It came!! I am so excited! I wasn't expecting it to come in till the spring but I went to the post office the other day thinking I was picking up a late Christmas present, when the worker was intrigued by the unusual label.  At first, I was confused but it quickly dawned on me that it was my copy of the Swedish Nobility Calendar for 2013.  :D

Last spring, I got an email from a lady researching Theron's direct line.  She was not a relative but was a worker for House of Nobility in Sweden.  I did some research to make sure it wasn't a scam but it is a reputable establishment.  They compile a record of all the descendants of Swedish Nobility...which Theron's direct line is through.  Sadly, we are not in the book because it goes by the male line.  And this is his Mother's family.  But his parents and Marge's siblings are in it.  I can't wait to share with his Mom.

Here is the line that takes us to the Nobility:

Theron Wahl- Marjorie (Thornton) Wahl - James Elliot Thornton - Raymond Ernest Thornton - Ernest Adlerstam - Hugo Adlerstam

The name changes from Adlerstam to Thornton when Ernest dies while Raymond is very young and is then "adopted" by his Mother's second husband Joseph O. Thornton.

Theron takes great pride in the fact that he descend from Swedish Nobility! :D

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