Monday, January 13, 2014

Amanuensis Monday - Voice From the Past Part 5

Grandma Helen's stories, still are bringing me so much joy.  Here is another one for you!

"Life in the U.S. Editor

Miracle in a Sand Storm

     We lived in a small mining town in Nevada.  About one hundred miles from Reno.  We had been to Reno to do our shopping.  On the way home I could see a sandstorm ahead of us.  Cars were coming out of it, so I thought it couldn't be to bad.  We had one hill that had a drop off close to the highway.  And that's were the sand storm was.  We got almost to the top when it hit us.  The wind was blowing so hard that it was blowing sand in thru the rubber of the closed wing window, right into my left eye.  I couldn't see out of it.  Then it was like some one had painted the windows black.  We couldn't see anything.  I couldn't stop, there were cars behind us.  But I was more afraid of going on.  I heard myself saying (Oh God help us).  All at once it was like a great hand scooped out the sand around us.  If I had gone about a foot more, we would have gone over.  It was like we were in a pocket.  I got the car turned and got going.  The pocket stayed with us till we were out of the storm.  All the way out we could see the sand fill in behind us.  I drove about ten miles before I pulled over and stopped, and just sat there.  One of the kid's said "Mom your hair is white! dad won't know you.)  I looked in the mirror and it was white.  But it was from the sand that came through the wing window.  Everyone had come up with a reason for the pocket.  But no one will ever make me believe it was anything but a miracle!

March 19, 1979"

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