Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finish what you start

Well, with all these great new photo's to get scanned, I am bursting at the seams to get them started.  I can't wait to get in there and really get into these photo and learn more about Theron's Grandparents.  BUT, I really need to finish some of what I have started before I start anymore projects.  I am working on fixing Grandma Bev's pictures.  And I want to finish the rest of the indexes for my side of the family too.  I have a goal to have my binders made for all our siblings by Christmas.  We will see.... ;)

Here is a little sample of what I do with a photo once I have scanned it. 


The two girls on top of the rock are Grandma Bev (right) and her sister Margie (left) with neighbor friends out at Laurel Lake in New Hampshire.  What a great photo.  There are many more like this.  Love this work that I do. 

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