Sunday, August 12, 2012

Finally Home!!! Yay!!!

WELL, it has been an exciting three weeks.  But let me tell you I am happy to be home to stay for a while. ;)

When we first left we went to the Adamson Family reunion, and had a great time.  The kids really enjoyed playing in the pool at my Uncle Lyle's house.  We visited with cousins and aunts and uncles.  Fun day...if you would like to see pictures please go to our adamson ancestry where I have blogged about it.

Next, we headed back to my parents house where we spent the next week.  The kids participated in the G.R.E.A.T. program and had a blast.  And I got to spend time with my parents, sister and aunts.  We played cards, worked on a quilt and just hung out.  My sister and I went and played on the four-wheelers in the mud.  I took a 2 hour ride with my Dad and brother in law, that lasted 5 hours.  It was wonderful.

When we came home we had a very busy five days before we left for Montana.

Montana, was so fun.  We got to spend time with Theron's parents, go through old photos (which I got to bring home with me, hehe), meet an uncle that I had never met, visit with old family friends.  And spent a great day with Theron's Mom, traveling the countryside and "mining" sapphires at a gem mine.  After four days of fun, we had to come home.  It was bittersweet.

I also took the end of last week and the weekend to recoup and rest.  Funny, how we have to rest from our vacations.

So why you are probably asking is a genealogy blogger writing about her vacation trips?? Two reasons:

1. It's important to remember that we need to find time to make memories with our "living" family.  Repeatedly, I have heard "my husband started doing family history and I made him stop because he stopped spending time with us" or some form of that.  I personally, have found it easy to balance my family history research with spending time with my family.  But, that is partly because my family don't mind tramping across the country to visit old, crazy relatives or spending endless hours in a cemetery.  Not all families are willing to do those weird things or they are unable to.  Whatever the reason, sometimes it's good to set all the work aside for a while and go out and make new memories.

2. This is a short example of what I have written in my journal about our time away from home.  Take a few minutes and write these memories down.  After a few weeks or months or years (depending on how bad your memory is lol) you will forget all that you did and the little details that went with them.  My kids are not going to remember everything. Someday when your old and gray you can go back to these journals and go "oh yeah I remember that".  This is also how your decendents will be able to get close to you.  Write it down!! Put your personality into!! Let them know who you are/were.

So what's next for me and my journey through the genealogy world??  Well, I have plans, let me tell you.  I have the pictures from Theron's parents that are from the Wahl side of the family to scan and index. I have lots of work left to do on my other picture projects.  I want to catch up my personal database with my one, with all sources included.  Would love to work some more on the Adamson side but am pretty sure I am supposed to still be working on the Timbrel. ;)  Busy, busy, busy...  I am not even going to notice my little buddy has gone off to school....right?!?! :-)

My beautiful babies!!! Having fun!!

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