Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Grandma Bev's Pictures!!!

So I have been MIA lately...and I know it BUT it's been for a good cause.  One my brain needed to rest from all the research so that I could come back with fresh eyes. :)  And two, I have been working on and finished two huge projects.  YAY!!! Ok, well I finished one and made it through the hard part of the second. ;)

I finished going through all the records I got from Mahaska Co., IA.  I separated them by last name.  Now, as I am working on these families, I can just pull out that family name and voila!! Yay!!

This is what it looks like as I am working.... messy.

After I finished all these records, I put a rush on finishing Grandma Bev's pictures.  I knew that they were going to have to go back to her soon and I procrastinated long enough.  For the last week and a half I have been scanning photo's.  And since I scan at a higher dpi it takes longer to scan each picture.  But now I am done scanning and will have to work on the picture index that goes with it, and I also have to straighten and fix each by one.  I love this time with each photo, it gives me a chance to really get a good look at the photo.  Grandma Bev's photo collection is huge there was just no way for me to scan every picture.  So I picked through them and scanned the ones that were important, ending up with over 1000 pictures.  Love it!!

Whenever someone gives me the oppurtunity to scan their photos or genealogy work, I always like to give it back in better shape than I got it or add to it in some way.  For instance, I was lucky enough to get a distant cousin's work and bring it home with me, in order to make copies.  Since I had it here for the winter I took the time to make copies of each page and scan it all making it a digital file.  Very wonderful.  With Grandma Bev's pictures, when I got them they were all stuffed into two, huge bags.  I started by sorting out all the stuff that wasn't pictures and then got to work on sorting the pictures themselves.  This project took me over a year to finish but only because I took the winter off....really though I don't know why I waited, so many wonderful, great finds.  I have thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to see and copy this great addition to my work.  And am very grateful that I am half way done with the project. I finished the hard part, anyways. :)

This is what I started with.

This was the first sort, I did two more after this one.
And this is the finished result. :D

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