Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Leylan Leitton Timbrel

One thing I have always known about my Grandpa Jake (Jacob) and Grandma Jennie, is that they only ever had one child that survived past infancy.  We knew next to nothing about their other children, except that Grandma Jennie gave birth to four boys with only my Grandpa Lesile Timbrel surviving.  I have found no other records of the other three boys except this one record.  The record of the birth of Leylan Timbrel.  I think he might have passed when they moved on to Nebraska or even Colorado.  I don't know how long this precious baby lived.  I do know that he was born in Mahaska County, IA on 14 Sep 1883.  And as far as records in that county he did not die there.  I will keep looking for these other boys and try to find more about them.  One problem might be Nebraska, it is such a hard state to search in.  Maybe someday they will open up their records or I will find better resources or dare I say it...make a trip there. In the meantime, I will keep my eyes and heart open to these boys.

Birth Record for Leylan Leitton Timbrel

Familysearch.org sfm: 977579

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