Monday, March 10, 2014

You should have seen it in color....

A couple years ago I posted about a beautiful song sang by Jamey Johnson, it has touched me deeply.  Here it is again, as we look back at some of the photo's of my Uncle's beautiful life.


Bill, Robert, Wavel, Lyle & Richard Adamson 8 Aug 1953

Bill & Lyle in Granite, OR 1941

Wavel & Lyle in Granite, OR

What a happy man! Lyle Adamson

Lyle Adamson

Bill, Robert, Wavel & Lyle Adamson in Empire, NV standing in front of Lyle's Ford Bel Aire

Richard, Robert,  Bill & Wavel & Lyle in front
Lyle Adamson

Lyle working hard...

What?!?! I didn't do it...

Judie & Lyle Adamson

Judie & Lyle Adamson

19 Dec 1965 Lyle & Judie wedding day

19 Dec 1965 such a beautiful couple

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