Monday, December 2, 2013

Amanuensis Monday - A Voice From the Past Part 4

Here is another of my Grandma Helen's stories...hope you enjoy this one!

"Special Day
Life in the U.S. Editor

     I woke knowing my dad was telling me to get dressed in a hurry, and to be quiet.  It was still dark and not a sound, except for my dad going back down stairs.  I had waited so long for this day, I couldn't believe it was here.  I was dressed and downstairs in record time.
     Dad and I set out hand in hand.  And in my heart I was sure he was the best dad in the world.  We were on our way to the railroad yards.  Because today the circus was coming to town.  Going to the circus or seeing the parade, was great fun.  But to see them unload and set up the circus, was without a doubt the best thing, that could happen to a nine year old.
     By the time we got there, the train was already coming in.  If you have never been around when the circus comes in and sets up, you have missed something special.  It's like the whole world has come to life at the same time.  Everyone has a job, and gets right to it.
     The elphants do most of the hard work.  But it didn't seem that hard to them.
     While I was watching the elphants, my dad was talking to one of the men.  And the next thing I knew, we were in the cook tent having breakfast.
     I went home with the memory of the warmest people I can remember.  And in my pocket, four tickets to the circus.  One for dad, mom, my sister, and myself.
     If you remember the year 1936, you can understand what a great gift the four tickets were.
March 12, 1979"

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